Rights and obligations

Our core values

At LTH we are committed to certain core values:

  • We believe in human dignity and freedom; we are dedicated to protecting all people’s equal rights and strengthening each individual’s self-worth
  • We are committed to gender equality and equal opportunities, and we embrace diversity
  • We believe in meeting each individual with respect and integrity
  • We embrace openness, international cooperation and a critical approach

Our core values are essential to maintain and develop a democratic and sustainable society. These values help us achieve the highest quality, be satisfied on our job, and provide us with the opportunity to excel as academicians and individuals.

General conduct guidelines

LTH is home to students from many different backgrounds, cultures, and religions. To avoid misunderstandings or conflicts arising because of cultural differences, we have written a list of the most important rules that all LTH students must follow.

LTH's General Conduct Guidelines (PDF, 379 kb)

LTH - A place for everyone

LTH - A place for everyone

If you feel that you have been harassed, or subjected to discrimination or victimisation, you should not hesitate to seek help.

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