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Lycke von Schantz

To use the bike as a transport vehicle is superior both from a health and environmental points of view. It is fast, flexible and can, apart from transporting you from A to B, also carry your groceries, bags and even allows you to bring your child along.

There are bicycle seats for children, which you can mount on your bike to facilitate transport. But what do you do with your child once you have arrived to your destination, parked your bike and need to walk around in the city or mall? Do you bring the pram on your bike? This would be quite difficult since the child and the child bike seat occupy the best loading place, the parcel carrier.

My diploma work has been to find one solution for these two requirements. Throughout the project a lot of research and investigation has been carried out. The three main areas that have been considered are:

Situations and needs
What are the situations when a combination of pram and bike transport is needed?

Laws and requirements
What laws, regulations and requirements have to be met when designing a pram and bike seat?

How can the combination be designed in a way to fulfil the needs and demands of both a pram and bike transport?

The result, the Bike Stroller, facilitates and encourages parents or any adult to be more flexible and able to use the bike as main means of transportation. Fold up the chassis and use the seat on the bike in situations for longer and faster trips. Detach from bike and unfold the Bike Stroller for shorter distances, such as in malls or the city centre. You have less of an investment in devices and more in flexibility.

  Diploma Work 2008_Industrial Design LTH_Lycke von Schantz Diploma Work 2008_Industrial Design LTH_Lycke von Schantz    Diploma Work 2008_Industrial Design LTH_Lycke von Schantz
Diploma Work 2008_Industrial Design LTH_Lycke von Schantz Diploma Work 2008_Industrial Design LTH_Lycke von Schantz 

Diploma Work 2008_Industrial Design LTH_Lycke von Schantz


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