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That's Design, Milano


För sjätte året i rad ställer industridesignstudenterna ut under Möbelmässan, Thats Design, 16-21 april 2008 i Milano. För andra året i rad ställer de ut i en speciell lokal tillsammans med ett antal designskolor från hela världen.

What will happen if you let 31 industrial design students work together in a project without knowing what the others are doing? Inspired by the folded sketch, a child’s game where you draw one part of a character not knowing how the previous or next person will draw theirs. The aim was to design five chairs where each chair in the exhibition represents one characteristic. The inspirational words vain, awkward, voluptuous, androgynous and vicious where extracted from the sketch and free for interpretation.

What can you bring to the table is a group project where no one has to compromise. Each part is designed independently without influence from the other participants.



I pressen

 That's Design 2008: i progetti della Lund University That's Design 2008:
      i progetti della Lund University 
       Intervju på YouTube

Pressmeddelande That's Design, Industrial Design LTH 2008 Pressrelease That's Design 
       Milano, 16-21 April 2008


What can you bring to the table (.pdf)

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Awkward (High-res, .jpg)