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Namn/KontaktMarkus Beckman och Jacob Sannum
ÄmnesområdeTeknisk geologi
BeskrivningAbstract The centrepiece of this study is a water balance analysis in a high-altitude volcanic area, supported by fieldwork investigations and statistical data analysis, in order to assess springs and groundwater in upstream catchments. Fieldwork methods of ocular assessment, magnetic surveying, infiltration measurements and flow measurements of springs and rivers was conducted at the study area in Costa Rica as a minor field study. Groundwater feeding the springs in the area are in this study found not to be obvious due to intrinsic complex flow regimes from multiple layers of volcanic lava aquifers. Statistical data analysis of spring flow and precipitation measurements yielded a probable water age of the aquifer feeding the springs, and this along with infiltration measurements predicts the major aquifer feeding the local springs to be unconfined. Recharge and discharge areas are seemingly more driven by altitude due to insignificant spatial changes in infiltration rates. Large deviations from zero in water storage from the groundwater balance in different catchments indicates that groundwater could be transported through the saturated zone below topographical surface water dividers. Even though high values in water storage was generated in the water balance analysis, this is not considered as long-term effect in the local catchment but could be pathways which generates groundwater on a regional level typical to a Mountain-block recharge (MBR)
Datum för presentation24/9 2020 kl 15:00
PlatsTeknisk geologi LTH John Ericssons väg 1 (V-huset LTH, trappa D, 2 vån)