Take the chance to experience the student life at Lund University

There is a variety of different student organisations connected to Lund University. The Academic Society and the 13 student nations organise cultural and social activities for all students at Lund University. Furthermore, there is one student union at each faculty and one student union for doctoral students, working with student rights within all programmes.

– Publicerad den 2 december 2021

If you choose to join the student life, you will develop abilities that your studies can't provide you with, you will get to know lots of new people and get memories for life. The fact that the student life is run by students, for students, means that those who are active in the student life plays an important part an important part of improving the student life for the future.

Read more about student life connected to Lund University and how to get involved (lunduniversity.se)

So, take the chance to experience the student life at Lund University. Join a student organisation today! This is something you definitely don’t want to miss out on.

We hope to see you during the year!

Kind regards,

Lund University Student Union Association (LUS), the Academic Society (AF) and the student nations’ cooperation Kuratorskollegiet (KK)