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Congratulations to our LTH students who won the Automation Student competition!

Moutoz Abdalrahman and Alistair Brice hope to further develop Swedish industry with the results gained from their degree project. They believe that technology has caught up at the same time as the visions of a more sustainable future are beginning to be established.

– Publicerad den 31 januari 2022

Alistair Brice and Moutoz Abdalrahman. Photo.
Alistair Brice and Moutoz Abdalrahman, students at LTH and winners of Automation Student 2021

The winners of the 2021 edition of the Automation Student competition, Moutoz Abdalrahman and Alistair Brice from LTH, have investigated how a manual assembly process can be automated at the client Scania Group. The insights from the degree project can now be used to increase the degree of automation in industry.

Automation Region, the Swedish Exhibition Center and the industry organization Swedish Automation (The Swedish Automation Trade Association) are arranging the Automation Student competition, which nominates the best degree project in automation this year. The prize has been awarded since 2010 and the winning entry is rewarded with a scholarship of SEK 20,000.

Read more about the winning degree project (Automation Region website)