LTH Online is up and running for the Autumn semester!

Through LTH Online, you are offered a range of online sessions which is meant to help you get motivated, learn new skills and give you a social context. Our hope is that the planned activities will give you support, lessons and a social context that facilitates your student life.

Therese Hågerup – Publicerad den 8 september 2021

LTH online offers a program that extends throughout the fall. The program includes a mix of study techniques (how to study more efficient, use reference management systems, prepare for your thesis - and more) as well as lectures on health and well-being. We will also highligh events from other faculties and companies that may be of interest to you as a student.

Feel free to tell us if you come across an exciting lecture that could be interesting to share!

You self-register in Canvas to join.

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