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Faculty of Engineering - LTH, hosted a series of webinars on study techniques for students at LTH. Each webinar has a theme, focusing on remote studies. The webinars were hosted by Björn Liljeqvist, an engineer and the Chairman of Mensa International.

The webinars were arranged by the International office.

Webinar 1-3: Study skills for students in engineering

This series (1-3) of webinars covers tips and tricks on how to manage home studies, including study techniques to be successful with your studies. The goal is that you (as a student) find study strategies and motivation that positively influence your study results.

Speaker: Björn Liljeqvist, MSc and author of popular handbooks on how to study efficiently. Björn is Chairman of Mensa International and runs his own company BrainGain.

The webinar was aired during spring 2020.

Webinar 1: Home alone - Study skills in times of quarantine (Canvas)

Webinar 2: Power tools for learning (Canvas)

Webinar 3: Reading skills (Canvas)

Webinar 4: Study skills for students in architecture and design

Educations that focus less on factual learning and written exams nevertheless place demands on good habits and study techniques, albeit of a slightly different kind. The learning in such programs has something in common with the learning that takes place in working life, where the knowledge is not always clearly formulated in a specified book, but often arises and is created in the work itself and in the interaction with other experienced employees. At the same time, even creatively oriented programmes expect the ability to orientate oneself among sources and absorb information and put it in the right context. We discuss strategies, methods and approaches to becoming a better student.

Lecturer: Björn Liljekvist

The Webinar was aired in November 2020.

Webinar 4: Study skills for students in architecture and design (Canvas)

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