Use Piffla! – Activity lockers on LTH Campus

Piffl is a sharing platform for sports and outdoor games. Download the app, choose the activity, play and return!

– Published 4 April 2022

Piffl was founded in 2020 in Gothenburg by Dennis Axelsson and William Nimbs with the aim of enabling the sharing of outdoor games and sports equipment in public environments.

In early April, Akademiska Hus will place two Piffl lockers on campus. One at the outdoor gym near the Navet and one at the lake Sjön.

The lockers will be filled with activities such as Football, Kubb, Boule, Spikeball, Cornhole and more. The locker by the outdoor gym will also have exercise equipment such as a yoga mat and kettlebell, medicine ball and more.

Any costs will be accounted for in the app.

How to use Piffl:

  1. Download the Piffl app! Search for Piffl in the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Find a box in the app and choose from the different activities. To open the box, you need to be within 5 metres of the box. Don't forget to close the box before you get started.
  3. Play! Get started! The equipment is going back to the same box and compartment so a tip is to stay in the area. Now have a lot of fun!
  4. Give it back! To end the rental you need to be within 10 meters of the box. When you end the rental, the appropriate compartment will open. Return the equipment as neatly as you received it and follow the instructions in the app.

Information about Piffl (Piffl's website)


Lina von Barth

Property manager