IT support and services

The IT-support (DDG) at LTH manages the student computer environment, which includes the operation of common student computers, servers (web, DNS, e-mail), the LU card and access control system, as well as the distribution of common software (Matlab, Maple, Comsol).

IT support

Error reports and questions are sent to

Telephone: For urgent matters, contact someone in the computer operations group

Contact information computer operation (in Swedish) (LTH's website)

Wireless network

Lund University's wireless network is called Eduroam. To install Eduroam, log in to Eduroam with your student account.

Information about Eduroam (Lund University's website)

LU access card

Students at Lund University receive a personal access card, known as the LU card. The LU card serves as an ID card within Lund University and you also use it to access the buildings relevant to your studies and borrow books at all university libraries.

LU access card (Lund University's website)

Student account

As a student at Lund University, you are given a student account consisting of a user ID and password, as well as an email address. When you activate your student account you can use it as a login to access a number of electronic services and resources that the University offers you as a student.

Among other things, you can use the student account to log in to the Student Portal. Here, you can find your academic results, download software, access your tuition fee invoices (if you are required to pay a tuition fee), download transcripts and certificates, and more.

Information about your student account (Lund University's website)

Change your password

If you have forgotten your password or experience a problem logging in to the computers in the libraries, study centres, or computer rooms, or to verify your identity for a printer, you may need to change the password for your student account.

Change your password at

Computer introduction


Do you need help concerning the student account, home directory or wireless network?
Please contact Lunds University’s central IT support for assistance.

Email servicedesk:

Support guides

Support guides avaliable at LU Service Desk

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