The PhD programme contains a range of different courses that students must compete. These courses give students an understanding of different research methods and a broader foundation within their subject area. They also provide a holistic perspective on the science, application and implementation of engineering.

The subject area curriculum and the students’ individual study plans determine which courses are must, or can be taken as part of the PhD degree.

Curricula and individual study plans

Faculty-wide PhD courses

The faculty-wide courses provide PhD students with basic knowledge of theory of science, research methodology, analysis, communication, information searching, academic writing and ethics. Some of the faculty-wide courses are given as introductory courses and can be taken by all newly admitted doctoral students, providing them with a good foundation for their continued research studies.

Faculty-wide PhD courses

Subject-specific and cross-disciplinary courses

Subject-specific courses are specifically related to a research studies subject and aim to broaden or deepen students’ knowledge of their own or another discipline.

The aim of cross-disciplinary courses is to broaden or deepen doctoral students’ knowledge within their own or associated disciplines.

Subject-specific and cross-disciplinary courses (LTH course portal) 

Other PhD courses

Here you can find som other organizations that offers PhD courses.

Current courses

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