Introductory Workshop for Newly Admitted PhD Students at LTH

The introductory workshop welcomes all newly admitted PhD students to LTH and aims to aid a smooth start of the participants’ doctoral studies.  It is compulsory for all research students enrolled at LTH and should be taken during the first year of PhD studies to avoid pitfalls in the beginning of the PhD study programmes. Contents encompass a wide range of knowledge. Themes include the LTH organisation, objectives of doctoral education, general and individual study plans, student-supervisor mutual expectation interviews, PhD courses, the supervision process, scientific information management, procedures-rights-support-obligations in PhD training, presentation of student representatives, international mobility, and academic conduct and ethics in research, and much more.


There will be three optional introductory meetings, all of them 13:00-17:00:

16 May
17 May
18 May

The final assessment day for all participants takes place
8 June, 13:00-16:00.

Course instruction

The course (workshop) consists of an introductory half-day physical classroom session, self-service Canvas contents, and a final physical in-class half-day meeting where participants share outcomes of prepared course tasks. For a Pass on the course, participants must have attended all scheduled activities and passed all tasks. The course corresponds to 2 credits in third-cycle studies at LTH (with Pass and Fail as available grades).

The course is held in English.


To be admitted to the course applicants have to be newly (within one year) admitted to a PhD programme at LTH.


The course corresponds to about 1 week of full-time work and to 2 credits in third-cycle (PhD) studies (with Pass and Fail as available grades), if this is in line with the individual study plan.

Syllabus (in English) (PDF, 376 kB, new tab)

Kursplan (in Swedish) (PDF, 389 kB, new tab)

Course leader

Anders Ahlberg,, Senior lecturer and Academic developer, LTH. Course coordinator and examiner.

Registration Spring 2022

Next course starts 16 May 2022. Last day to apply is
24 April.

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