Sustainable Development - a Systems View

Society’s complex sustainability challenges concern all of us! By relating important scientific questions to sustainability, PhD students can play an important role in addressing these challenges. This course gives you the opportunity to learn about sustainable development from different theoretical perspectives and reflect on how these relate to your own research. Preparatory assignments are “on-demand” to make it easier for you to complete them despite busy schedules. Each module ends with a scheduled seminar, in which the topic of the module is discussed with national and international experts in the area. 


5 or 7.5 hp. The extended course (7.5 hp) also includes an individual project.


Deadline for registration: December 4th, 2020

Information about the course and registration (Design Sciences' website)


Time: January 18th – June 16th 2021

Course coordinators:

Kajsa Ahlgren Ode

Jessica Lagerstedt Wadin 
Roland Akselsson

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