Theory of Science and Methodology of Research

The aim of the course is to provide an introduction to theory of science issues and methods relevant to research and development in the engineering sciences. A further aim is to encourage reflection and constructive critical discussion of current research, research methods and their background.

Course instruction

The course consists of lectures, seminars, oral presentations and written assignments. The assessment is based on continual written assignments and oral presentations. For a Pass on the course, participants must have passed all assignments in the course and made an oral presentation.

The course is taught in English.


To be admitted to the course applicants have to be part of a PhD programme at LTH.


The course corresponds to 3 weeks of full-time work and to 4,5 credits in third-cycle (PhD) studies (with Pass and Fail as available grades), if this is in line with the individual study plan.

Syllabus (in English) (PDF, 403 kB, new tab)

Kursplan (in Swedish) (PDF, 431 kB, new tab)

Course instructor

Niklas Vareman, Post doc., Department of Medical Ethics, LU


Next course autumn 2022. The application is not yet open.

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