Guidance on the structure of a compilation thesis

A compilation thesis comprises an introductory summary chapter (kappa), which the doctoral student writes independently, and appended copies of a number of research articles. If the articles are written by multiple authors, it is important that the contribution of the doctoral student is made clear in the summary chapter (e.g. in a separate section). The presentation and discussion in the summary chapter should be presented independently of the articles and with a different form. It can be a good idea to write it as a literature review. In the summary chapter, the results of the thesis in relation to the current state of the research are summarised, discussed and evaluated.

The starting point should be the appended articles, which enables the student’s own results to be placed in a wider context. The summary chapter should open with a short introduction to the subject area of the research. Theoretical frames of reference, methods, limitations, etc. should also be included. The objectives should be made clear so that conclusions can be viewed in relation to these. The conclusion often comprises thoughts and ideas in preparation for further research within the area.

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