Individual Study Plan

Discussions on the individual study plan are attended by the doctoral student, all supervisors and a representative of the department. These discussions address the doctoral student’s studies, supervision, and physical and psychosocial work environment. The discussions are to lead to agreements and measures to improve the doctoral student’s studies. The discussions are to benefit the doctoral student’s work and are to take place at least once a year, or more often if required.

The outcomes of the discussions are recorded in an individual study plan that is linked to previous study plans. There is to be a written individual study plan for every doctoral student who has not withdrawn from studies in writing. The study plan is to be realistic and promote the fulfilment of the learning outcomes of the study programme, as well as laying down the content, guidelines and scope of the work on the thesis and the course component. In addition, the individual study plan is to clarify the rights and obligations of the doctoral student, supervisors and department.

The first individual study plan is to be drawn up in conjunction with admission and appended to the decision on admission. The plan is to be updated for the first time six months after admission. After this, discussions and updates of the plan are to take place at least once a year.

Once the individual study plan has been signed by the doctoral student, the principal supervisor and a representative of the department, it is approved by the head of department. If an agreement cannot be reached between all parties, the plan is approved by the dean. If the head of department is the doctoral student’s supervisor, the plan is approved by the deputy head of department.

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