Subject Curriculum

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Aerosol Technology (PDF, 256 kB)

Applied Microbiology (PDF, 277 kB)

Architecture (PDF, 224 kB)

Automatic Control (PDF, 217 kB)

Biomedical Engineering (PDF, 217 kB)

Biophysical Chemistry (PDF, 221 kB)

Biotechnology (227 kB)

Building Materials (221 kB)

Building Physics (PDF, 245 kB)

Building Services Engineering (PDF, 216 kB)

Chemical Engineering (PDF, 203 kB)

Computer Science (PDF, 232 kB)

Construction and Architecture (Dep. of Architecture and Built Environment) (PDF, 217 kB)

Construction and Architecture (Dep. of Building and Environmental Technology) (PDF, 217 kB)

Electrical Engineering (PDF, 226 kB)

Electrical Measurements (PDF, 204 kB)

Energy Sciences (PDF, 264 kB)

Engineering Acoustics (PDF, 236 kB)

Engineering Education (PDF, 221 kB)

Engineering Geology (PDF, 218 kB)

Environmental Psychology (PDF, 243 kB)

Fire Safety (PDF, 224 kB)

Food and Formulation Engineering (PDF, 236 kB)

Geotechnical Engineering (PDF, 221 kB)

Immunotechnology (PDF, 219 kB)

Industrial Automation (PDF, 221 kB)

Industrial Design (PDF, 224 kB)

Industrial Electrical Engineering (PDF, 220 kb)

Industrial Engineering and Management (PDF, 220 kB)

Industrial Environmental Economics (PDF, 216 kB)

Innovation Engineering (PDF, 392 kB)

Inorganic Chemistry (PDF, 223 kB)

Mathematical Statistics (PDF, 221 kB)

Mathematics (PDF, 224 kB)

Mechanical Engineering Sciences (PDF, 277 kB)

Numerical Analysis (PDF, 216 kB)

Organic Chemistry (PDF, 219 kB)

Packaging Logistics (PDF, 221 kB)

Physics (PDF, 217 kB)

Polymer Technology (PDF, 225 kB)

Pure and Applied Biochemistry (PDF, 227 kB)

Rehabilitation Engineering (PDF, 229 kB)

Risk and Safety (PDF, 228 kB)

Solid Mechanics (PDF, 210 kB)

Structural Engineering (PDF, 221 kB)

Structural Mechanics (PDF, 238 kB)

Technology and Society (PDF, 228 kB)

Water and Environmental Engineering (PDF, 204 kB)

Water Resources Engineering (PDF, 298 kB)

Working Environment (PDF, 221 kB)

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