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Hello! A lot of your info is only in Swedish! How am I supposed to be helped by that???! 

 Unfortunately we do not have time enough to translate all of our support-pages into english, but here is a workaround.

 Click this link to open these pages in machine-translated form. From there on you can keep surfing in translated mode.

What is the Student account (former StiL), and how does it relate to my LTH computer account?

Read all about it on this page.

How do I get in contact with you administrators?

 See our Contact Page.

Hur mycket utrymme har jag i min hem-katalog? 

  1. Håll ner Windows-tangenten och tryck ner E-tangenten.
  2. Klicka på "This PC" i vänsterkolumnen.
  3. Till höger kan du se på H:\ Hur mycket utrymme du har tillgängligt och hur mycket du redan använt. (Håll muspekaren över så se du mer detaljer)

Du kan få ökat utrymme om du har speciella skäl, t ex om du arbetar med ett utrymmeskrävande examensarbete. Skicka ett mail till vår supportadress

I can not log in! / I have forgotten my password. /My account is locked out.

There can be a number of reasons that you could not log on. Make sure to read the errror-messages you get when you try to log on. You can quote them when you contact us, it does help!

Please avoid the following signs in your password!:

  • The plus sign (+)
  • %
  • Space (mellanslag)

Try the following different solutions:

  1. Your password might be out of sync. Trigger a new sync by changing your password at
  2. You have got +, % or "space" in the password. That does not work! Change your password. See above.
  3. "Your account has been locked out". You will receive this error message after 5 trials with an incorrect password. The account is automatically unlocked again after 5 minutes. Then you can try 5 more passwords. If that does not help, you have forgotten your password.
  4. You have forgotten your password. Then please visit us at our "expeditions-tider", see our contact page. Remember to bring some kind of ID.
  5. You tried to logon to a computer that had no contact with the net, or that does not belong to our computer domain: Make sure that you are logging on to the domain "STUDENT". Try another computer.
  6. Your account is disabled. Then please visit us at our "expeditions-tider" , see our contact page. Remember to bring some kind of ID. You can first try with an email, including your phone number.  
  7. You need to have checked out your LU-card to activate your computer account.

Det fungerar inte som det skall när jag loggar in i Linux-salarna, vad göra?

Om du lyckas logga in men möts av en blank skärm (desktop laddas inte):

Orsak: Det kan vara något i ~/.cache som är korrupt

Två möjliga lösningar:

  • Högerklicka på bakgrunden och välj Open Terminal

rm -rf ~/.cache
setsid unity

  • I stället för setsid kan man radera .cache från eller en windowsdator så funkar det nästa gång man loggar in.

Help, I erased my files/folders/data or Help everything just dissappeared!

För svensk version av detta: klicka här!

The first thing you should do is to check if you can find your lost files in our "Previous versions"-system.

Follow these instructions:

  1. Log in on a windows computer in the computer labs.
  2. Right-click the folder that contained the things you lost (folders or files).
  3. Select "Properties".
  4. Select the tab "Previous versions"
  5. Click on a date when you think you still had the desired file/folder there.
  6. Click the button "View". (if you click "Restore" all your current documents will be replaced with those of the date you marked)
  7. Find the file/folder you need.
  8. Copy it to your homefolder (My documents), preferentially to a new folder named e.g. "Rescued stuff"

Please be aware that this system only saves as much back in time as there happens to be space for, normally 1-3 weeks.

If you need to recover files that you do not find in the shadow copy-system then you should contact us, as we also make proper backups of your data in your home folder. These backups go further back in time.

The "Previous versions" system covers files in your home folder as well as in "Temporary transfer" but not files on local computers (C:\temp\). The proper backup system only covers your home folder, "Temporary transfer" is only protected by "Previous copies"!

It is a very good idea to keep your own backups, especially for files outside of our system, e.g. your usb stick or disk and your laptop.

How does my profile work?

Explanation:  Your profile holds your settings for the system and for different programs. Your profile is kept as a number of files and folders inside a folder with your user name. This folder resides on the server. When you log on to a computer, this folder is copied from the server to the local computer that you log on to. When you work on the computer, all changes that you make to the profile (program settings, installed printers, etc) are recorded on the local copy, nothing is changed on the server. When you log out successfully, the local profile folder is copied back to the server. 

If the computer hang or crash, if power is lost or if the network is down when you log out: then your changes will not be copied up to the server.

With time, your profile will grow with different old programs and so on that leaves files behind that you no longer need. Therefore it will take more and more time to log in and out. 

To fix this see the question just above this one.

How temporary is T:\ (="Temp")?


  • Allt innehåll raderas den 15:e var månad! Läs om "Will be deleted very soon" nedan.
  • Det finns ingen backup av filerna på T:\ (Obs att "Previous versions" dock kan vara en räddning!)
  • Varje användare kan ha max 15 GB på T:\

"T:\" är uppdelad i tre kataloger.


Alla kan läsa, men bara den som skapat filen (och Admin!) kan ändra och ta bort den.


Alla kan läsa, skriva, ändra och ta bort alla filer. Detta innebär att alla filer här ligger extremt osäkert!! 

"Will be deleted very soon":

Endast datoradministratörerna kan lägga till filer här. Alla användare kan se alla filer här. Om det finns plats kvar på disken så ligger filer från förra månaden här under ett par dagar. Observera att det inte går att flytta filer härifrån, men du kan kopiera dem!  

"Temp" (T:) is divided into three different folders:


 Everyone can read these files but only the person who created a file (and Admin!) can edit or erase it. Will be purged the 15:e every month, see "Will be deleted very soon".


 Everyone can read, create and erase all files. This means that all files can disappear any moment!! Will be purged the 15:e every month, see "Will be deleted very soon".

"Will be deleted very soon":

In this folder only the administrators can create files. All users can read all files. The 15:e every month the administrators will move all files from the above folders into this folder, and will later (days-1 week) erase all files in this folder! You can not move files out of this folder, but you can copy them. 

Jag har problem med mitt passerkort!

Om går in på så kan du tex ta reda på din pinkod samt hitta kontaktuppgifter mm. 

  1. Om du testat fel pinkod för många gånger så kan din kod ha blockerats, kontakta vaktmästare/infodisk etc i aktuellt hus.
  2. Om ditt kort inte fungerar i några dörrar alls så kan det vara trasigt, gå till Studiecentrum och få det kollat/fixat.
  3. Om det fungerar i vissa dörrar men inte i andra (som du vet kursare släpps in genom): Maila, inkludera personnummer och vilka dörrar det gäller.
  4. Se mer här:

 Why do my pictures devour all my storage space?

 They always will, if you work with pictures. The trick is to squeze in as many as possible, while retaining picture quality. My general advice is to save your original uncompressed pictures on DVD:s or portable drive. Then only keep the pictures you work with in your home folder. Check out these links for info about compression, resolution, printing and quality.

Where can I see/erase my print jobs (that by mistake included 5000 pages)?

Solution: "Start Menu/Devices and Printers". Double-click the printer that you are printing to. Double-click "See what's printing". Select the printing job you want to erase. Hit the Delete key on the keyboard.   

Alternatively, if you printed to one off the Pull-print-printers; you can chose to erase the job when you have logged in on the actual printer.

The printer is blinking and a message says: "Load letter in Tray 1"

 Explanation: Someone is trying to print something on Letter (instead of A4 or A3).

 Solution: Depending on printer, either;

 On the printer: press the button marked "v" twice. Or. 

 Press the button marked "*" and then the button "Enter".

 If none of this applies, please read the message on the printer display carefully.

When I print my Illustrator/Photoshop file, the colors go crazy!

 There will always be a variation between and within computer-screens and different printers will print differently. To read more about this and to find out which printers are calibrated and how to take advantage of this: Read this.

 To flatten your picture, you can print the picture as a pdf first. Use the printer called "Adobe PDF". Check the colours in the resulting pdf-document and then print the pdf-document.

Illustrator/Acrobat/Photoshop etc does not behave properly. Memory errors, freezing, "out of memory" etc.

First, try restarting the computer! Especially Illustrator sometimes freezes and a restart sometimes fixes the problem.

 Possibly, your settings for the software have been damaged. You can clean them out with one of our fixes. It is named "CleanOut_Adobe.exe". You will find it in "S:\RSupport\Fix your problem!" .

 If this does not help, perhaps you are working with a corrupt document. Then try this link: Troubleshoot damaged Illustrator files (all versions)

 Large documents often lead to trouble. Read the following document and your future will be brighter! Create efficient Illustrator files | Improve print performance

 Need more help? Check this out: Adobe Forums

On my own computer, I cant get the Matlab license to work

Activating a license through a Mathworks account

The easiest and recommended method for activating the Matlab license is by first registering a personal account with Mathworks at where you enter the e-mail address you have as an employee or student at LU (the e-mail address registered must contain @* or @*

After registration, you can then login in the Matlab software with this personal Mathworks account, and then enter the “Activation Key” that can be downloaded at This will activate the LU license. When the license has been activated this way, the software can be used when travelling or at home without any other special operation.

I will use Matlab in my master thesis at a company. Can I use the university license?

No, the university's academic Matlab license does generally not allow for use at a company. If you are an externally employed doctoral student (industridoktorand) or a student doing the master thesis at a company, and need to use Matlab, the company will have to provide for the commercial Matlab license required.

Please always contact Mathworks at in advance if you are not sure if the university license can be used for what you are about to do

My Autodesk software (ACA, Revit, 3DS, Civil 3D, etc) is broken, how can I fix it!? 

Some users experience different problems in Autodesks software, typically toolbars have dissappeared etc. One way to get rid of these problems is to erase all your personal settings for the program so you can start from scratch. 

  1. In ACA 2012 and later Autodesk themselves have included a solution. You will find it in the Start Menu, named "Reset Settings to Default". Unfortunately this fix does not always work.
  2. If the above fix does not work; Then you can run "Fix Autodesk ACA Revit etc", a fix that removes all Autodesk software settings. You will find it in "S:\Support\Fix your problem!\".
  3. Try restarting the computer.
  4. If you still have problems after trying out these fixes, please contact us. If you do it by mail, please include your cell number so that we can contact you directly.

Another problem is when working with three-dimensional objects is slow.

Solution: when running ACA, type 3dconfig and hit Enter. In the window that appears click the button "Manual tune" and make sure that hardware acceleration is turned on. If it is not possible to turn it on: restart the computer and try again.

Min Eduroam-uppkoppling har slutat fungera! Vad skall jag göra?

  1. Börja med att byta ditt StiL-lösenord. (Du kan byta till samma lösenord). Detta ser till att ditt lösenord blir synkat.
  2. Testa
  3. Gå in i nätverksinställningar och ta bort samtliga profiler och liknande som du har skapat på datorn och som har med Eduroam att göra.
  4. Starta om datorn
  5. Lägg in Eduroam igen, enligt de instruktioner du hittar här , klicka dig fram (Kommunikation/Nätverk....)
  6. Testa
  7. Om det fortfarande inte fungerar, kontakta StiL-supporten

How can I open .docx documents (Office 2007) at home / with other software (e.g. Office 2003)

If you have an older version of Office at home, then you should install the Office compatibility pack (eller på svenska).

You can install LibreOffice , it can also open Office files. This can be one way to save a "broken" office document. LibreOffice is an Open source project, which means that it is free for everyone to use.