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Canvas - your learning platform

Canvas is Lund University's learning platform. Here you get an overview of certain courses, your programme page and more.

Under "Help" in the Canvas menu, you will find a Canvas guide for students. You need a student account to log in. 

Student Guide - How to use Canvas (Canvas)

Log in to Canvas (Canvas)

Digital examination in Canvas

Your teacher can use Canvas to create quizzes, home exams, group assignments and more. They can also choose to examine you and the course's learning objectives by allowing you to film yourself or something you do on your screen using the Studio tool.

Canvas (Lund University's website)

See a short instruction video about Canvas

Video about Canvas (Lund University's website)

(Please note that the video is in Swedish with English captions)

Pre-access to digital course rooms (Canvas) before you are registered

The fact that you as a student get access to a digital course room (for example in Canvas) does not mean either that you are authorised to take the course, that you have been promised to take the course or that you are registered on the course.

It is only when you are eligible and have been offered a place on courses with limited places that you can register for the course in Ladok and only then may you participate in the course's activities and examinations. It is your own responsibility to register for the course in Ladok as soon as possible.

Canvas support

Contact LU ServiceDesk if you need any help or technical support in Canvas. 

LU ServiceDesk
+46 (0)46 222 9000

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