Learning support for students with disabilities

For those of you with various forms of disability, LTH offers educational support measures. You can get support via the department for learning support at Lund University, but also from LTH's support functions.

Students with disabilities (Lund University's website)

To receive educational support, you must:

  • be admitted to a course or program at the University
  • have a document certifying your permanent disability
  • apply for support

Certificate and application for support

To receive learning support, you need a certificate that proves your permanent disability and is issued by a licensed healthcare professional. 

How to apply for support

Once you have received your admission letter and certificate as stated above, you make an application via NAIS (National Administration and Information System). In the application, you describe your disability and how it affects your studies, together with the attached certificate (if this is the first time you are applying).

Apply via NAIS

What happens next?

  • Once your application has been processed, you will be contacted by a coordinator at Learning Support LU.
  • After a conversation with the coordinator, you will receive a message about support where decisions and recommendations are described.
  • You show the message to the relevant teachers and administrators on the occasions when you want to use the support.

Different forms of support

Having note-taking support means that you can copy a classmate's notes after the lectures.

To use note support, you need a decision from your coordinator. It is then up to you to find someone to take notes for you.

Contact details:

Christina Rowa

Ida Jarbe Holmlund

Sometimes you can get stuck in your studies. Your exams don't go the way you want them to and your results may not be what you expected. A mentor can help.

A mentor is a student who has experience of studying at university and has done well in their studies. The mentor acts as a sounding board and can, for example, help you plan and organise your studies.

Contact details: 

Christina Rowa

Ida Jarbe Holmlund

If you have a disability, you can have the examination adapted if necessary. Perhaps you need more time in a written exam or need to sit in a smaller group to concentrate better? 

Special arrangements for exams are always requested. Your examiner always has the final say. Sometimes requests conflict with the aims of the course and therefore cannot be arranged.

If you have been granted support for an exam, you must inform the course coordinator before each exam that you wish to use your support for that particular exam. You must do this at least three weeks before the examination. You will then show your notification from Pedagogical Support indicating the type of support you need.

If you have general questions about adapted exams at LTH, please contact us at Funka LTH: funka@lth.lu.se

If you often make reading mistakes, read slowly or have trouble concentrating while reading, listening to your course literature can be very helpful.

Course literature as read-in talking books

We at LTH Library can provide you with access to the resources available, such as Legimus, MTM, EasyReader, EasyHear Mac and TorTalk.

Literature that is not already read can be ordered from your contact librarian. Please note that it can take two to three months to get a book read.

Access readable talking books in the database Legimus

Reading and writing support at LTH's library

Talking books: Text-to-speech software (LibGuides)

Contact information librarians at LTH's library:

Jessica Nilsson 

Ann-Catrin Johansson

Nina Smiseth (Campus Helsingborg)

The TorTalk speech synthesizer

You can use the TorTalk speech synthesizer to listen to any digital text, such as web pages, e-books, full-text articles, Word documents and scanned documents. TorTalk is available on many of the University's computers and you can install it on your own computer.

TorTalk (LiBguides)

Reading and writing support (Lund University Libraries' website)

LTH's library

At LTH's library, you can get help with information searches and finding the right literature.

You can also install the spelling programs StavaRex and SpellRight on your computer.

Spellright (log in with your student-ID)

Reading and writing support at LTH's library

Writing pedagogue at Lund University

You can discuss the writing process and get support in structuring your work with the special pedagogue. When you are writing an essay or other major work, you can get support in the different stages of the writing process.

The special education teacher can help you overcome an incorrect study technique. By mapping your study technique, you will find out what the shortcomings are in your way of studying and - most importantly - what you can do about it.

When writing an essay or other major work, you can get support in the different stages of the writing process.

Henrik Mejborn, Education officer
046-222 34 52

Do you read noticeably slower than your classmates? Do you never have time to take notes while the teacher is talking? Do you often receive criticism for the lack of a common thread in your texts and for spelling and grammatical errors? Or do you often suffer from time constraints in exams?

Then you may have dyslexia (reading and writing difficulties). As a student at Lund University, you can take an educational literacy assessment to find out what the situation is.

Contact Henrik to discuss your study situation.

Henrik Mejborn, Education officer
046-222 34 52

Supplemental Instruction (SI), collaborative learning, is offered in a number of subjects during the first academic year of the educational programmes at LTH. SI sessions are included in the schedule and are led by a specially trained student who has previously taken the relevant course.

Study in groups - SI

Want to improve your study technique? Or maybe you want to get better at academic writing? Then you can turn to the Acadmeic Support Centre!

The Academic Support Centre at Lund University

Contact for learning support at LTH

Coordinators at Learning support, Lund University

Christina Rowa
(except M, K, F and N)
046-222 70 50

Ida Jarbe Holmlund
(M, K, F and N)
046 222 49 29

Carina Argelius
Campus Helsingborg
046-222 34 30

Psychological counsellors

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