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We are continuously migrating and adding software to AppsAnywhere. So if you are missing some software (/version) during a lab, or at home, always remember to check if you can find it in AppsAnywhere!

A tip: On lab computers you can press the Windows key, type "appsa" and press the enter key. This will take you directly to ""

Some of the software you will find

  • Matlab
  • Affinity Photo
  • Ansys
  • Comsol
  • and another 160 titles......

More news

Starting autumn 2023 we have implemented some technical changes in the login procedure, and with home folders on Windows computers. This mainly affects students accepted 2009 and earlier and students at E, F, D, C, Pi, Nano, BME and L
Other students and employees will probably not notice any changes. You can find some more info further down.

Login for students accepted 2009 and earlier

These students had (has) a separate login name for the computers. Do as follows:

  • On Windows computers: Log in with your Student ID, the account you use for webmail and Canvas.
  • On Linux computers: You still have to use the old computer account.

Home folders for E, F, D, C, Pi, Nano, BME and L.

These students had a common home folder that was available from Windows and Linux lab computers. From now on they will have a separate home folder for Windows and one for Linux.

These students will face a new empty home folder the first time they log in on a Windows computer.

The old home folder is accesible from the Linux computers

If you want to copy files from the old folder to the new Windows folder, do like this:

  1. Log in on a Windows lab computer
  2. Start the software "OldHomeDrive" (preinstalled).
  3. If you do have an old home folder it will be mapped as drive "L:"
  4. Copy what you need from "L:" to "H:"
  5. If you look under "L:\Windows\Desktop" you will find the files you saved on the desktop.

All LTH students

  • You will now use an account in the "UW-domain" for login on LTH computers. 
  • This is the same account that is used for login on most of Lund universitys computers, and for webmail, etc.
  • A new feature is that all LTH students now will have access to their LTH home folder when logged in to any LU student computer.


From now on it is your regular LUCAT account that will be allowed to log in on LTH lab computers. The special "Student" accounts are no longer needed and are not allowed to log in.

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