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Degree project

Architecture, Digital Architecture and Emergent Futures or Sustainable Urban Design

The 2-year Master’s programmes in Architecture (MARK), Digital Architecture and Emergnet Futures (MAEF) and Sustainable Urban Design (MSUD) are all concluded with a degree project, to be completed within the following 30-credit course:

  • AAHM10: Degree Project in Architecture (Masterexamensarbete i Arkitektur)
  • ASEM01: Degree Project in Digital Architecture and Emergent Futures (Masterexamensarbete i Digital Arkitektur och Framtidsutveckling)
  • ASBM01: Degree Project in Sustainable Urban Design (Masterexamensarbete i Hållbar Stadsgestaltning)

The degree project should conclude the programme and can be commenced when you have completed 76 credits of the courses included in your master's programme. In Ladok for students, you can make sure you have studied all the courses from semester 1-3 (at least 76 credits), which, in addition to the thesis, must be included in the architectural degree. 

Ladok for students

In the degree project you must demonstrate the ability to apply and collate the knowledge and skills you have acquired in the main areas of the Master’s programme. You choose the theme/topic/focus yourself. You must, within the given time frame, show your ability to critically identify, manage and problematise complex issues, using adequate methods and/or theories, independently and creatively implement and evaluate advanced creative tasks within your own programme of work, as well as communicate and discuss your work and its underlying issues, ideas, knowledge and arguments. In addition to the project work, the degree project includes a presentation at a mid-seminar and at a public occasion, exhibition of the project, opposition at another student's presentation, and a report, which must be archived and posted on LUP Student Papers (Lund University's database of degree projects).

Following the link below, you will find a list of supervisors 2023 for different subject areas. You are welcome to contact the supervisor/s of areas in which you have interest.

Supervisors 2023

Workflow, Workplace application, Enrollment/Registration and Summary of Activities

You can find the Workflow for degree project documentat the Department of Architecture and Built Environment website. At the same website, you will also find the Application form for workplace

Department of Architecture and Built Environment's website

In January, when you have at least 76 credits of approved courses in your programme, you can apply to start the project via the LTH online tool: Form for Degree project (Course website LTH) 
Once your supervisor and examiner has approved that you can start the project, your international coordinator will make it possible for you to register. Note, you do not need to send reminders to the coordinator as the system will send the notifications needed.

The Summary of Activities form is digital and will be visible online after you have been approved to start your degree project. Note, it might still be stated at some webpages that the form must be printed and signed, please disregard such information. 

Apply to start your degree project

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