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Get involved

You can get involved in many different ways during your studies. It provides personal development, lessons learned about your own study techniques, complements your CV and in some cases provides compensation.

Become a Lund University Unibuddy

For master's students

Do you enjoy communicating with others and would like to share your experience of studying at your master’s programme and at LTH?

As an LU Unibuddy you represent your master’s programme by helping and inspiring prospective and new students from all over the world. You will be taking an active part in anwsering questions from prospective new master’s students, meet up with visiting students interested in your programme, and could be asked to partake in fairs on behalf of LU.

The general intake for new Unibuddies is in early Spring and you apply for the position according to instructions from LU. 

  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to establish friendly/professional relationships.
  • Organised and able to manage time and tasks independently and effectively.
  • Engaging and excited to share your experiences at Lund.
  • Supportive, encouraging, and non-judgmental.

If you are interested in learning more, or ask if there is a vacant position for your programme, please contact Audrey Savage, International Markering and Recruitement:

Become an SI Leader

For master's students

SI (Supplemental instruction) at LTH is offered for most master's programmes (except the programmes at the School of Architecture and the School of Industrial Design).
SI is offered in the first course/s, for example in subjects such as mathematics, chemistry or mechanics. During SI sessions, the students work together in groups to find solutions to issues that have arisen during a lecture. SI sessions are led by an "older" student / SI Leader who themself has taken and passed the course with good results. The SI Leader is educated and trained in group dynamics, individual learning styles, study and questioning techniques.

SI sessions last 2 hours and are offered every week mainly during the first study period/first semester depending on which program you attend. It is voluntary to attend and many take the opportunity to improve their knowledge, meet their fellow students or get answers to all the questions you have when starting a new education or course. Information about the time and place for SI meetings can be found in the regular schedule.

Application and appointment of a SI leadership positions takes place during the spring semester. To become an SI leader, you must have participated in SI sessions yourself and be recommended by an former SI leader/teacher/programme director. Recommended students will be asked during the beginning of the spring semester if they want to apply to become SI leaders. Applicants will be selected for interview based on completed application and study credentials. After interviews, 1 or 2 SI-leaders per master's programme, will be offered the position/s.

Questions about the application procedure and the appointment can be asked to Ida Åström


  • Completed the course you are to be an SI leader in
  • Received at least a grade of 4 on the course
  • Is fully on track with your studies
  • Been recommended by an SI leader/teacher/programme director
  • Good communication and social skills
  • Has been an active SI participant at LTH
  • Received at least a grade of 3 on the course where you have been an SI participant
  • Is on track with your studies
  • Been recommended by an SI leader / teacher
  • Good communication and social skills

The SI leader receives a fee for their work. After completing your service as an SI leader, you will receive a certificate that can be used in the curriculum vitae and in job applications.

International mentor

Lund University welcomes over 3 500 international students every year. The International Mentor Programme aims to facilitate the students' adaptation to their new environment.

How to become an International mentor (Lund University's website)

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