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Degree certificate

The degree after completing the education at LTH is issued by the degree department at LTH's office. Keep in mind that it takes time to get your diploma issued, many people apply for the degree and the processing time can thus be long for certain periods.

Application process

You apply for the degree through Ladok for students. You can easily find your degree by first typing LTH in the search field.

Ladok for students

To consider when applying for a degree:

You are responsible for ensuring that the information in your application is complete and accurate.

  • Make sure your name is spelled correctly and that your address and email address is up to date
  • Check that all courses included in the degree are finalized in Ladok
  • Apply for credited courses with your program planner well in advance of applying for the degree. This should be done before applying for the degree. Externally elective courses must also be credited before applying for the degree.
  • If you have an accredited course that you want to include in your degree, you choose the accredited part and not the actual course. This facilitates the review. 
  • Specify which courses should be part of your degree. All degrees have an exact scope in higher education credits, ie it is not possible to include more higher education credits in your degree than the scope specified in the degree program. In cases where a course causes the total point to exceed the program's scope, but is necessary to meet the requirements, the course may be taken into account
  • If you are applying for a civil engineering degree please note that you must specify your specialization in the message box
  • Make sure that the spelling of the title of the degree project in both Swedish and English is correct, otherwise you should contact the department and ask them to correct this before applying for the degree. Go to Ladok and Completed Education > Click on the right degree course

If you cannot apply for a degree through the student portal, contact us at

Degree certificate

The degree certificate specifies the date of graduation, which is the day of the last completed performance. Issue date is the day the certificate was printed. The diploma is generally bilingual (Swedish / English). The certificate is a document of value that is only issued in an original. The degree certificate is sent to your address registered in LADOK. To have the certificate sent to another address:

  • change the address in the Student Portal
  • alternatively, state your new address in the message box in the application. 

Degree Requirements

In order to obtain a degree, the requirements of the program's educational plan must be met. To be able to include courses at other programmes within LTH, courses at other faculties at Lund University or courses at other universities / colleges, decisions from the program management are required.

How do I get my completed degree certificate?

The degree certificate including "Diploma Supplement" is sent by post to the address registered in Ladok.

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