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LTH campus

LTH Campus. Photo.

LTH Campus is located in Lund, Helsingborg and Ljungbyhed. Study places can be found all over campus - both in Lund and Helsingborg. There are quiet rooms as well as reading rooms, group rooms and computer workstations. Several of the group rooms are equipped with a whiteboard and computer to facilitate group work.

Campus LTH in Lund

The campus in Lund is located in the northern part of the city, just a few minutes by bike from the city center and close to two large student housing areas; Sparta and Delphi - where many students live. It is full of life and movement thanks to the 9,600 students and 800 research students who move here. Several of the student nations, with their homes and premises, are also located right on campus.

Buildings, restaurants, cafés and shops

LTH departments are located according to their discipline in the buildings listed below.  

KC - Chemistry building

Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Biotechnology, Chemistry

IKDC - Ingvar Kamprad Design Centre

School of Industrial Design


School of Architecture


Civil and Fire Safety Engineering


Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science


Mechanical and Industrial Management Engineering

Maths building

Centre for Mathematical Sciences


Department of Physics, CIRCLE

Kårhuset (student union building)

International Office, Faculty administration, and TLTH—the student union

LTH Study centre

LTH reception, reference library, study places, LU Card station, restaurant 

Student- and programme service

Student advisors, student counsellors and programme planners, located in E-building.

Restaurants and Cafés

Student guilds of the different engineering programmes runs cafés in different buildings over lunchtime. The average lunch price is 70 SEK.

Bryggan Restaurant and Café's website

Moroten & Piskan Restaurant and Café's website

Study centre 
Finn Ut Restaurant and Café (Finn Ut website in Swedish) 


ICA Grocery Store (ICA's website in Swedish)

KFS Bookstore (KFS's website in Swedish)

Campus LTH in Helsingborg

LTH Faculty of Engineering is located on Campus Helsingborg which is located in the center and only a short walk from the central station. At Campus Helsingborg, engineering students are mixed with students from other educations such as sociologists and communicators. In total, there are about 4,000 students.

LTH Faculty of Engineering Helsingborg 

Ljungbyhed School of Aviation

The School of Aviation (TFHS) at Lund University is one of the few universities in Europe with higher education in aviation. TFHS has a stated ambition to function as a center for aviation and aviation-related education - through research and development. TFHS also has a pilot education as a basic course.

TFHS website

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