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Internship abroad

An internship, in Sweden or abroad, will give you both experience from working life and the labor market. There are several opportunities to find internships, especially in the Nordic countries or around Europe. Many companies with global operations have a policy of offering internships to international students. This way, they can recruit engineers, designers or architects with different skills and different cultural backgrounds.

For most master’s programmes at LTH, internships are not part of the programme and cannot be included in the final degree or transcript. However, if you would like to do an internship, you can take a leave of absence from your studies and resume the studies after the internship, do an internship over the summer, or do the internship after you have ended your studies.

As an intern in the EU (outside Sweden), you can also apply for an Erasmus+ scholarship. All students studying a complete 2-year master's programme at LTH can apply for an Erasmus internship grant as long as you are registered for full-time programme studies at the time of application and intend to graduate from Lund University. An internship with an Erasmus+ scholarship can take place both during your studies and after you have completed your degree. Note, that deadlines apply for application to this kind of scholarship.

General advice for internships not included in a master’s programme (applies to all students)

  • Start by discussing your internship plans with your master’s programme director and your international coordinator. 
  • You must find the internship by yourself. Ask teachers for tips as they often have research connections internationally.
  • Internships are most convenient to do after semester 3 or 4. Otherwise it will require an altered study plan.
  • If you are in Sweden on a residence permit for studies, note that it is not allowed to use your permit for an internship as the permit is valid for studies only. Make sure to always contact your international coordinator to discuss practical consequences.
  • If you take a leave of absence from your studies to do an internship, it is your own responsibility to find out rules and regulations that might apply in the hosting country, regarding for example residence permit and insurance. The insurance you have through Lund University is not valid during a study break.
  • Remember to apply for study leave well in advance (if applicable).

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