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Degree Certificate

Digital degrees at Lund University from 15 April

During spring 2024, 37 out of 40 Swedish higher education institutions will introduce digital degrees. Lund University will do so on 15 April 2024 for degrees at all levels across all faculties.

This means that, you will be notified by email when your degree has been issued, and that you will be able to retrieve it by logging in to Ladok. There is no limit to how many times you can download your degree certificate. You can also send it digitally to employers and other higher education institutions, for example.

The certificate is instantly verified as it is an electronically stamped PDF file. The stamp confirms that it comes from a credible source and has not been
modified after being issued.

Please note! Applications for degree certificates will close between 15 March at 16:00 and 15 April 2024 at 08:00 while we implement the new digital system. 

Once you have completed all your courses and all the final grades are reported by your lecturers into the student register Ladok, you need to apply for the degree certificate.

Keep in mind that it takes time to get your diploma issued. There are many applicants for the degree and the processing time can therefore be long at certain times. The diploma is issued free of charge upon request and it is written in both English and Swedish.

Before you apply

Check the following:

  • Your name is spelled correctly in Ladok, otherwise contact LU support at Service Desk. Please note that the name on your diploma is based on your civil registration data.
  • Your address and e-mail address are up to date.
  • All courses included in your degree are registered as approved in Ladok.
  • The spelling of the title of the thesis in both Swedish and English is correct; if not, contact the department and ask them to correct this before you apply for the degree. 
  • If any credits are missing, please contact the course coordinator.

Service Desk

How to apply

You apply for the degree certificate in Ladok for students.

If you have problems finding your degree in the list: limit the number of results searching by faculty (i.e. LTH) or by type of degree (i.e. Master). If you do not find your main field of study in the list: select 'other main fields of study' and specify in the next drop-down menu.

The degree certificate is issued by the degree office at LTH (E-building, fifth floor) and it is free of charge. The degree office will handle all applications in turn and the handling time varies over the year depending on the number of applications received.

Ladok for students

Practical information

The degree certificate with Diploma Supplement is sent by post to the address registered in LADOK. You can also state another address, anywhere in the world, where you want the certificate to be sent to. Please note that only one original certificate is issued so consider the safety of the postal services before you decide on the address you want it sent to.

It is also possible to pick up the degree certificate at the LTH faculty office by appointment.

From 15 April 2024, your degree is issued digitally in the form of an electronically stamped PDF file which shows the decision registered in Ladok. Your digital degree certificate can be downloaded an unlimited number of times from Ladok.

The degree certificate is sent to your address registered in LADOK. To have the certificate sent to another address:

  • change the address in Ladok
  • alternatively, state your new address in the message box in the application.

From 15 April 2024, your degree is issued digitally in the form of an electronically stamped PDF file which shows the decision registered in Ladok.  Your digital degree certificate can be downloaded an unlimited number of times from Ladok.

All courses included in the degree are listed in the degree certificate. A diploma supplement is issued with the degree certificate. It provides a description of the degree, level, language, context, and content of the completed studies, as well as information about the Swedish higher education system.

Courses exceeding the degree requirements will not be included in the degree. You can print a "Transcript of records" in Ladok for students where the course will be included. 

The degree certificate is bilingual—Swedish and English. The diploma states when the education is completed and when it is issued.

Ladok for students

You can order copies of your degree certificate. 

E-mail the following information to:

  1. Type "Order Copy of Degree Certificate" in the header.
  2. First and last name
  3. Personal identity number "Personnummer"
  4. Degree
  5. Education completed, Year
  6. Postal address
  7. Phone number

NOTE! If your degree is issued December 2018 or earlier, please contact


The first nine printed pages are free. After that there is a fee when ordering printed copies. 

Lund University's regulations for the disclosure of official documents in electronic form (PDF, 78 kB). 

You can share information about your issued degree with any recipient e.g. an employer. Log in to Ladok for students and retrieve a code that you can pass on to the recipient.

By sharing the control code, you make it possible for the recipient to access information about your degree and its content.

You may also send a digital degree certificate as an electronically stamped PDF file to an employer or another higher education institution, for example. This applies to degrees issued after 15 April 2024. The Degree Office will continue to provide certified paper copies in case you need one.

Share information about your degree (Ladok)

In order to graduate, the requirements of the programme syllabus must be met. To be able to include courses from other programmes within LTH, courses at other faculties within Lund University or courses at other universities/colleges, a decision from the programme management is required. 

In case you graduated several years ago and no longer can access Ladok for students, please contact the degree office

Contact the degree office at LTH


Apply for your degree certificate in Ladok

Instruction video from Ladok

Watch this instruction video on how to apply for your degree certificate. 

Instruction video (Ladok web pages)

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