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Apply for courses

Most students enrolled in a 2-year international master's programme at LTH will be required to apply for courses twice each semester (semester 4 excluded).

However, there are some exemptions;

  • Students in Digital Architecture and Emergent Futures, Energy-efficient and Environmental Building Design, Industrial Design, FIPDes and IMFSE, do not need to apply for courses at all as these programmes are completely mandatory.
  • Students in Achitecture and Sustainable Urban Design only apply for courses once, before each semester (November and May).

Students must apply for all courses in the programme (including mandatory courses) except the KKK000 and the Degree Project.

All students will, in semester 3, be informed on the specific process to enroll and register for the degree project.

A reminder is sent out to you by email when it is time to apply for courses or enroll in the degree project.

How to apply

You apply for courses at LTH course website:

  1. Click on "Log in for course application"
  2. Sign in with your LU student account

Some courses have entry requirements and/or a limitation in the number of study places. When you apply for a course you can find this information in the course syllabus (a link can be found inside the application system). Admission is given if you fulfil the entry requirements and if there is enough space in the course. If you are admitted to the course you will receive an email.

If you apply for a course after the deadline you will be put on the reserve list for that course.

You can do a late application until the end of week two in the study period, if the course is not already full. You will then be put on a reserve list. Please note that if you apply late you are not guaranteed a place in the course even if it is a mandatory course in your programme.

After week two you can not do an application yourself. In that case you need to contact the international coordinator for your programme. 

Contact information International coordinators

You are not obliged to do anything, but it is polite to notify the course coordinator.

If you have registered for the course you need to cancel the registration in Ladok within three weeks from the starting date of the course. As a fee-paying student you will be charged for the course if you don’t cancel your registration within these three weeks.

If you haven’t registered for the course it is polite to notify the course coordinator that you will drop the course.

When to apply

Apply to a course not offered in your programme

If you want to study a course offered in another programme at LTH you need to submit an application to study the course and to include it into your degree. You need to hand in a form during the application period. You can not fill in this form after you have started a course.

Fill in the first part of the form and ask the course responsible teacher to sign it. After that you submit the form to the programme planner. 

Application to include a course offered in another LTH degree programme (PDF, 154 kB, new tab)

If you want to study a course at another faculty you need to apply through

Contact information Programme planners 

Application for credit transfer

If you want to apply for a transfer of credits for courses you have studied at another university you need to fill in an application form and hand it in to the programme planner. For any questions about this please contact the programme planner. 

Apply for credit transfer (PDF, 173 kB, new tab)

Contact information Programme planners 

Access to digital course rooms (Canvas) before you are registered

The fact that you as a student get access to a digital course room (for example in Canvas) does not mean either that you are authorised to take the course, that you have been promised to take the course or that you are registered on the course.

It is only when you are eligible and have been offered a place on the course (if the places are limited) that you can register for the course in Ladok. It is the registration in Ladok that gives you the right to participate in the course's activities and examinations. It is your own responsibility to register for the course as soon as possible.

Are you an exchange student?

Read more information on how you as an exchange student apply for courses

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