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Practical matters


If you have housing through LU Accommodation, you will only be able to stay there during the first two semesters. Therefore we advise you to start queuing at AF Bostäder. 

AF Bostäder's website

If you start queuing as soon as possible, it will give you a good queuing place when you need to apply for housing for your second year. 

Set up an account, if you have not done that already, and apply for housing today.

Swedish Personal Number

As you will be in Lund for more than one year, you need to get a Swedish personal number as soon as possible. 

You recieve your personal number at Skatteverket. Please read on Skatteverkets website about the process and which documents you need to bring.  

Skatteverket's website

You also need it to set up a Swedish bank account.

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