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You must register for each course you want to attend. Before the beginning of the semester you will receive instructions from the International Office LTH on how to fill in your online pre-registration form.

If you do not submit your pre-registration form, you will not be able to register for your courses.

During your exchange period, you must follow a full time study plan of 30 credits per semester. Please prepare your study plan carefully and make sure to apply for courses you have the prerequisites for.

After your arrival it is not possible to change your study plan.

Your study plan (LTH's website)


Students need to register for courses at the beginning of each study period. 

  1. One week before each study period you will receive a reminder via email (at the email address registered in Ladok).
  2. Register for courses in Ladok for students. 

Do you have problems to register?

Contact your international coordinator

Register for courses

Register for courses in Ladok.

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