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Exchange studies abroad

The Faculty of Engineering LTH has exchange agreements with over 200 partner universities all over the world, enabling students to spend one or two semesters abroad at one of these universities without paying additional tuition fees. All of the courses taken during the exchange need to be recognised by the study programme at LTH and included in the degree.

To go on an exchange, you will first need to apply to LTH for exchange studies in one of the two application rounds. Students who are eligible and meet the requirements will be nominated to one of the applied universities by the International office at LTH. If there are more students applying than available spots to a certain university, the student(s) with best average grade will then be nominated, given that s/he/they are eligible and meet the requirements. Students on five-year study programmes take precedence over students on two-year international master’s programmes.

After being nominated, you have to apply directly to the host university and not until a Letter of Acceptance has been received, are you officially accepted to exchange studies.

Exchange studies abroad as an international master’s student at LTH

International master's students at LTH may apply for exchange studies for one semester (to be commenced in semester 3). Application for exchange studies is done during semester 2. As the process is under revision, the dates for the next application round will be published later.

In the application round during semester 2, only a limited number of universities will be available. This as only remaining spots that were not filled in the earlier regular application round (for students on five-year study programmes) then will be re-opened for application. During the application period, available universities for application (called "sökbara universitet") will be posted at LTH’s student webpage. Universities open for application will be posted the same day the application round opens. See a list of open universities on the Swedish website.

Sökbara universitet | Studentwebben LTH (in Swedish). 

Please contact coordinators working with outgoing exchange students for individual support if needed.

Email to international coordinators working with outgoing exchange students

International master’s students who wish to apply for exchange studies abroad need to meet both LTH’s and the partner university’s requirements.

To apply for exchange studies you need to:

  • Be registered as a full time student at an International Master’s Programme at LTH
  • Apply in the second semester to do the exchange in the third semester
  • Have passed 30 credits with results available in Ladok before the cut-off date
  • Have an average grade minimum of 4.0 (does not apply to MARK, MAEF, MSUD and MID)
  • Have a proposed study plan to be recognised by your programme director at LTH

All international master students should discuss with their programme director about their proposed study plan before applying to LTH, in order to ensure that the courses can be recognised by the study programme. If this step is disregarded and the programme director later evaluates the study plan not to be recognisable at LTH, the nomination may be terminated and the exchange thus cancelled.

For detailed information, please see the local regulations at LTH for the nomination of outgoing exchange students. For LTH’s partner universities’ eligibility and requirements, please see the list: "Faculty of Engineering | Mobility agreements". 

Local regulations at LTH for the nomination of outgoing exchange students (PDF, 258 kB, new tab)

You apply through Lund University's mobility system SoleMove.

SoleMove application system

Documents to be uploaded in PDF format:

  • A study plan for each university applied for 

    Studieplan 1 (DOC, 77 kB)
  • Statement of purpose
  • CV
  • Portfolio (only MARK, MAEF, SUDes and MID)

For further instructions on how to apply in Solemove, please download the Solemove application guide for outgoing exchange applications. 

Solemove application guide (in Swedish, but the guide is in English) (Lund University's website)



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