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Leave from studies

Temporary leave from studies

Approved leave from studies means that you take temporary leave from studies that you have started on a specific programme, and that you intend to resume at a later specified date. For approved leave from studies with a guaranteed place on return, you need to verify a special reason, see below. If leave from studies with a guaranteed place on return is not approved, it may nonetheless be possible to return to the programme after leave from studies, but in that case subject to a place being available. Contact the programme’s international coordinator if you have any questions.

If you specify a requested leave from studies e.g. from the start of autumn semester 2023 and up to and including spring semester 2024, this means that you wish to resume studies at the start of autumn semester 2024. You can apply for leave from studies for a maximum of two semesters at a time. The application should be made in good time before the leave from studies. Remember to also inform the Swedish Board of Student Finance (CSN) about your leave from studies, if you are receiving student finance. If you have a residence permit for studies it’s important that you remember to notify the Swedish Migration Agency. Your right to stay in the country can be affected by a study leave.

Practical information temporary leave

If there is a special reason, which you can verify with a certificate or equivalent, there is a possibility to be granted approved leave from studies with a guaranteed place on the programme, until a specified time. Special reasons for leave from studies include social, medical or other special circumstances such as care of a sick child or duties as a student union representative.

In the application, the reason is to be verified as follows:

  • Social reason: verified by a personal letter and certificate that verifies the cited reason.
  • Medical reason: medical state of the applicant. Verified by a doctor’s certificate or equivalent.
  • Care of a child in accordance with section 1 of the Parental Leave Act: verified by a personal account and population registration certificates for the applicant and child.
  • Military service and civil service duties and comparable duties of an obligatory nature: covers both basic and refresher training. Verified by a copy on the “Decision on enlistment” or similar document in which the call-up date is stated.
  • Fixed-term trial period of employment in accordance with section 12 of the Act (2012:332) regarding military posts or duties in the Swedish armed forces for those who serve periodically as non-commissioned officers, soldiers or sailors according to this law. Verified by an employment contract.
  • Duties as a student union representative: the duties and their scope are to be verified by the student union.
  • Deferred leave in accordance with the Act on employees’ right to leave of absence for educational purposes (SFS 1974:981). Verified by the employer’s decision not to grant the request for leave.

In the case of a rejection of an application for leave from studies (concerning a guaranteed place) there is an option to appeal to the Higher Education Appeals Board.

When you plan to resume programme studies, you must, prior to the start of the semester, submit a course application. This is done according to the information on the webpage "Apply for courses", which also provides the dates for course application periods. Bear in mind that, for example, prior to the autumn semester you must submit a course application as early as May. If studies are not resumed immediately after the leave from studies has expired, this is considered to be non-completion of studies. To resume freestanding courses, contact the department concerned by 15 April prior to an autumn semester and by 15 October prior to a spring semester.

Apply for courses

Form - Temporary leave from studies

Notification of study leave (PDF, 165 kB, new tab)

The completed form can be sent via email to, be placed in the post box on floor 5 (south entrance) of the E Building, or be sent by post to LTH, Antagningen, Box 118, 221 00 LUND.

Termination of studies

If you wish to give up your place on the programme permanently, you are to report your termination of studies by filling in the form "Study drop out" below.

Students who notify LTH of the interruption are allowed to complete the courses for which they are registered.

Form - Termination of studies

Study drop out (PDF, 164 kB, new tab)

The completed form can be sent via email to, be placed in the post box on floor 5 (south entrance) of the E Building, or be sent by post to LTH, Antagningen, Box 118, 221 00 LUND.

Contact information

Contact the international coordinator for your programme. 

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