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Swedish course

As an international master’s student at LTH studying in the programmes Biotechnology, DRMCCA, EEE, Food Technology, LSCM, MLSC, Nanoscience, Pharmaceutical Technology, Photonics, Production and Materials, Sustainable Energy, Water Resources or Wireless Communication you have the option to study a Swedish course (7,5 credits) as part of your degree. You can study the course either as an alternative to an elective course in your programme, or as an extra course. As a fee-paying student you will be charged extra if you study this course as an extra course (i e more than 120 credits in total).

Schedule and content

The Swedish course for beginners, EXTA24, is given during study period 3 (January-March) by the Swedish department at LU. Lessons are given evening time, twice per week. Thereby you can easily combine this course with your other courses at LTH.

You can read more about EXTA24 in the course syllabus document. The workload for this course is as demanding as for any other regular course. Attendance is compulsory and the rate of absences will affect negatively on the final grades.

Course syllabus EXTA24 (course web LTH)

Please note that only one Swedish course is offered by LTH since only one Swedish course can be part of your degree according to your programme syllabus. No exceptions are granted!

Previous knowledge in Swedish

If you already have some knowledge in Swedish you can do a placement test one week before the course starts in January and be placed in a course at an appropriate, higher level. To study a course at a higher level might mean that you will have to follow the course in study period 4 instead, depending on the course level suitable for you.

How to sign up

Information about how to sign up for EXTA24 will be posted as an announcement in Canvas, on your programmes pages. Deadline to sign up is 29th of October. You can not apply for the course in the LTH application system.

The number of students who will be able to study the course is limited, first come first served. First-year students will have priority. Please note that you will not be given a final decision regarding admission until January, so you need to apply for alternative courses in the LTH application system as well.


No, the Swedish course can only be included as an elective course in your degree. It can not replace a mandatory or elective mandatory course in your programme.

No, only one Swedish course can be studied through LTH, since only one course can be part of your degree. No exceptions are granted! If you want to study more Swedish courses you can apply yourself for additional courses through Ask the Swedish department for appropriate courses.

If you want to learn more Swedish please check the LU web pages for different options.

LU web pages about learning Swedish (LU web pages)
Courses offered at Folkuniversitetet (Folkuniversitetet web pages)

The credits for this course can either be included in the expected 30 credits/full time semester or be studied as an extra course/extra credits. As extra credits the fee for this course will be SEK 21 250. 

This means that if you chose to study 30 credits of programme courses plus the Swedish course during the spring semester you will be charged SEK 21 250 extra for the spring semester. If you study 22,5 credits of programme courses and the Swedish course you will be charged the normal semester fee.

You can do a placement test in the middle of January and be placed in a more advanced course. The more advanced courses have course codes EXTA25, EXTA26 or EXTA27. Some of them will be given in sp4 instead of sp3.

Yes, but in case there are not enough available places priority will be given to students in year 1. 

Yes, it is exactly the same course. For LTH students it is called EXTA24, for other LU students SVEE11. This is for administrative and financial reasons.

No, unfortunately that is not possible. Only students in programmes where, according to the syllabus, the Swedish course can be included in your degree can study the Swedish course through LTH.

Programme syllabi (student web pages LTH)

More information can be found on the course web page.

Course web page (LU web pages) 

If you have more questions please contact Cecilia Nilsson, master's coordinator at LTH,

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