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Academic system and grading scale

At LTH each semester is divided into two study periods. Usually, there is a one-week exam period at the end of each study period. It is not unusual for a course to run over two study periods and be followed by an exam at the end of the course. 

Various forms of assessment are used: written invigilated exams (most common), oral exams, presentations, and take-home exams.

Grading Scales

We use two different grading scales at LTH. The grades are criterion-referenced, i.e. awarded in relation to the student’s performance relative to the learning objectives set out in the course syllabus. The grades are given based on how well the student fulfil the objectives of the course and not on how well the student performs in relation to other students. We do not use grade point average (GPA) at LTH.

Most courses use a grading scale that comprises, from the lowest to the highest, four levels: fail, 3 (three), 4 (four) or 5 (five). On the course syllabus it is marked as TH.

Some courses are only graded "Underkänd" (Fail) or “Godkänd”  (Pass). On the course syllabus it is marked as UG.

All courses in Architecture use the grading scale "Underkänd" (Fail) or “Godkänd” (Pass).

The four-level grading scale (fail, 3, 4 or 5) -  on the course syllabus marked as TH- and the two-level scale "Underkänd" (Fail) or “Godkänd” (Pass) - on the course syllabus marked as UG - are both used. 

No grade is given for the degree project. The grading scale only includes the grade "Underkänd" (Fail) or “Godkänd” (Pass).

Courses at other faculties at Lund University

Students at LTH may also follow courses at other faculties of Lund University. Each faculty decides on their own grading system.

Grading system (Lund University's website)

Learning environment and teaching style

Many international students find the learning environment and teaching style to be different in Sweden. on this page you find a summary of what to expect.

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