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Degree project abroad

You are allowed to do your degree project, or part of it (data collection/field study), abroad, either at a company, an organisation or at a university. Sometimes it is possible to combine an internship with the degree project.

General advice and rules

  • Start planning in time! You must find the degree project/hosting organisation by yourself. Ask teachers for tips as they often have research connections internationally.
  • Contact your international coordinator.
  • Your main supervisor and examiner must always be from LU. There must also be a local (assistant) supervisor.
  • Your thesis topic and study plan abroad must be approved by your examiner.
  • A Cooperation Agreement must be established between you, your supervisor at LU and at the hosting organisation for you to be covered by Lund University’s student insurance. 
  • If you are doing your degree project at a company, make sure to provide your supervisor with the document Information to companies/organisations hosting a student for a degree project containing important information related to the presentation and publishing of your degree project as well as confidentiality disclosure agreements. Ask your international coordinator for the document.
  • If you are in Sweden on a residence permit for studies, note that if you spend more than three months studying outside of Sweden, while your Swedish residence permit is still valid, you forfeit your right to keep it. 

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Cooperation agreement template

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