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The Student Union at LTH is called Teknologkåren. As a student union, their main purpose is to monitor and contribute to the development of education at the university. In addition to this, they have extensive business and leisure activities so that you as a student will have valuable contacts for the future and have a fun study time even outside school.

Teknologkåren at LTH

Teknologkåren's website

Student associations

Below is a list of student associations that work together with LTH and Teknologkåren, in the list you will find a short description and contact information for the association.

Our students have an amazing number of fun and inspiring associations!

Athena is the technology union's female network that works for a more equal engineering industry.


Athena on Facebook

Code@LTH is a student association that intends to increase interest in programming, mainly among students at LTH, but anyone is welcome to participate.

Code@LTHs website

The Computer Association (Datorföreningen, DF) is a student association whose purpose is to promote the members' interest in computers and work to provide members with increased opportunities for the use of such.

Datorföreningen (DF) website

ElektroTekniska Föreningen (ETF) is a student association whose task is to provide the association members with the opportunity to practice electronics in all its forms.


ElektroTekniska Föreningen (ETF) website (in Swedish)

Engineering World Health, Lund Engineering is a local association for Engineering World Health with the aim of inspiring and mobilizing engineers to improve the quality of healthcare in vulnerable regions.

Engineering World Healths website

iGem is a student association whose task is to give its members the opportunity to carry out a research project in synthetic biology and thereby promote the members' and the public's interest in synthetic biology.


iGem Lund's Facebook

INASCON (International Nanoscience Student Conference) is an annual conference organized by students for students.


INSACONs website

Engineers for Underwater Technology (IFU) is a student association whose purpose is to work for cheap, safe and fun diving and to promote interest in diving at LTH and increase knowledge in the field.


IFU's Facebook

Engineers without borders, student group at LTH is a local association of Engineers without borders (EWB) which through humanitarian technology engages, inspires and unites people to build a sustainable future.

EWB's website

Jesperspexet is a student association whose task is to produce good entertainment.

Jesperspexets website (in Swedish)

Lair is a gaming association that is based at Lund University and is for everyone who likes to play board games and socialize.

LAIR's website

The LTH choir is one of Lund's mixed student choirs. It is a non-profit association and is the student union at LTH's official choir.

LTH-choir's website (in Swedish)

The project started in 2006 and is previously known as LURacing. Every fall, they start with a new team of engineering students. Their goal is to design, develop and manufacture a top-class racing car during the academic year and compete against other universities from around the world at official competitions.


Lund Formula Students website

Lund Sustainable Engineers is a student association with the aim of creating interest in sustainable development among future engineers and in this way create a commitment to environmental and ethical issues that are then practised in professional life.


Lund Sustainable Engineers website (in Swedish)

Students at all levels and in all educational programs at Lund University are welcome to participate as a NanoLund student member.

NanoLund Student member (NanoLunds website)

SpegatSpexet is a student association that produces annual shows and theaters of realistic proportions.

SpegatSpexets website (in Swedish)

The Technology Union's sports association (TIF) is a student association that aims to improve the sports environment on LTH Campus and enable specific sports activities for technologists.

The Technology Union's sports association's website (in Swedish)

Young Science sports (Ung Vetenskapssport, UVS) is a student association whose purpose is to create meeting places and training opportunities for young people interested in problem solving.

Young Science sports website (in Swedish)

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