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Student union and guilds

Every faculty at Lund University has a student union. The Student Union at LTH is “Teknologkåren”, also called “TLTH”.

The student unions are part of the unique student life of Lund University and LTH. The University is filled with exciting traditions dating back to the 18th and 19th century. The student culture has evolved over time and offers a great variety of associations and activities for students, mostly organised within the Student Unions, the Student Nations or the Academic Society.

The Student Union at LTH

The activities of TLTH are usually divided into three branches: Education, Career, and Recreation. The aim is to make sure that your education is educative, competitive and assist you with important contacts for your future career while you are having fun and making friends for life.

Teknologkåren (TLTH) is an organisation completely run by students. Every year eleven elected student representatives take one year of approved leave from their studies in order to work at Teknologkåren. These students are called the “Sabbatical Officers” and their work includes improving the quality of the education, enriching student life, creating career opportunities, and safeguarding student rights.


If you have problems with your courses, comments about your study environment or if you would like more information about the student union, you are more than welcome to drop by their office in Kårhuset or to contact the Education Committe or Head of Educational Advocacy.

Education Committee's email:
Head of Educational Advocacy:

Equal treatment

Teknologkåren works actively with issues related to equal treatment. If you feel that you have been mistreated, offended or discriminated by someone with connection to LTH or Lund University, you can find help and support. If you have questions please contact Head of Social Affairs.

Head of Social Affairs:
Phone: +46 704–187925

If you are interested in what Teknologkåren does, you are more than welcome to ask questions at our Front Desk at Kårhuset or contact us at:

Phone: +46 70-418 79 20

The student guilds at Teknologkåren 

In order to facilitate your participation in LTH student life, you are assigned to one of Teknologkårens student guilds, in accordance with your study plan. 

These are the different guilds at Teknologkåren:

  • F Students of Engineering Nanoscience, Engineering  Mathematics and Engineering Physics
  • E Students of Electrical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering
  • M Students of  Mechanical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering and Technical Design
  • V Students of Civil Engineering, Surveying and Fire Safety Engineering/Risk Management
  • A Students of  Architecture and Industrial Design
  • K Students of Chemical Engineering/Biotechnology
  • D Students of Information and Communication Systems  Engineering and Computer Science
  • Dokt PhD Students from all programs at the Faculty of Engineering
  • ING Students of Engineering at campus Helsingborg 
  • I Students of  Industrial Engineering and Management 
  • W Students of Environmental Engineering

Find out which guild each master's programme belong to


The Student Union at LTH


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