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Double degree students

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This information is for you that has been accepted to double degree studies at one of the 5-year long civil engineering programmes at LTH.

Specific information about study plan for double degree students

When preparing your study plan, it is important that you think in advance about which specialization from the LTH engineering programme (of your interest) you will pursue.

Courses and programmes at LTH (Course website LTH)

When selecting courses, you should have in mind that most of the courses should be at advanced level. It is also important to: 

  1. Check the syllabus of the course of your interest for its pre-requisites. You do that by clicking on KE under the column Links, from the "Courses and Programmes at LTH" webpage, that you want to apply to.
  2. Check the schedule to avoid clashes when selecting courses.

Schedule and courses

Additional mandatory courses - Important!

In some cases, to be able to fulfill the LTH engineering programme requirements, you will need to take some courses from the first three years of your LTH programme. Please be aware that some courses may be given in Swedish. 

The final study plan is set after your arrival in Lund when you have met the Programme Director of your LTH programme that you are applying for.

Swedish language course

One of the pre-requisites for the LTH programmes is knowledge in Swedish.

As a double degree student, you are required to pursue 30 credits in Swedish language course in your first year of studies at LTH (15 credits per semester) in addition to your engineering studies (60 credits).

Swedish language courses (LTH's website)

Without the completion of the required Swedish language courses, you will not be awarded a master's degree from LTH.

Degree project

During your double degree period at LTH, you are required to pursue a degree project of 30 credits that is intended to demonstrate the your ability to independently apply the knowledge acquired during your studies.

Degree project

The emphasis is on providing short and practical advice that will especially be of use to students working on their degree projects, but to some extent also to supervisors and examiners.

Application for a degree master's certificate

After you have completed your studies at LTH, you can apply for a master's degree certificate.

Degree certificate, double degree

Student life in Lund

Learn more about activities, hoursing, insurance etc.

Schedule and courses

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