Degree project

Students are expected to read the following guidelines and advice for Master's degree projects.

Degree project for Architecture programme (MARK and SUDes)
Degree project for Engineering programmes
Degree project for Industrial Design

Avaliable degree projects, critical review and presentations in Canvas

In Canvas, we have created a course where you can:

  • find avaliable degree projects at LTH's departments and divisions
  • find a critical reviewer for your degree project
  • find a degree project to review
  • share information about your presentation

Register for the course "Degree project" in Canvas

Apply for a degree project

All students apply for a degree project through the website "Form for degree projects"

Form for degree projects (Course web LTH)

You log in (up to the right) and fill in your program and the type of degree project you want to do. Once you have been approved, you will receive an email with a link that you forward to your supervisor and examiner. Once both have approved your application, the administrator can enter the course in your Ladok.

You then receive a confirmation email that you can begin with your degree project, and you can register for the course in Ladok.

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