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Study in SI-groups

Supplemental Instruction, or collaborative learning, is offered in a number of masters programmes. The SI classes are shown in your schedule, is facilitated by a specially trained students.

SI stands for collaborative learning and is a general reinforcement of students' learning that is open to all students. The core of SI is SI sessions led by senior students (SI leaders) with a focus on processing and understanding course material that is perceived as difficult by the participants. Within SI, students get the chance to create a study community in a relaxed environment, improve learning abilities and train critical thinking and problem solving. The SI leader plans the SI sessions according to the students' wishes and needs, and acts as a discussion leader and facilitator.

You are automatically assigned an SI group and all SI classes are in the schedule. You do not need to apply, this is done automatically.

  • Biotechnology
  • Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change Adaptation
  • Energy-efficient and Environmental Building Design
  • Embedded Electronics Engineering
  • Energy-Effiecient and Environmental Building Design
  • Food Technology and Nutrition
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Machine Learning, Systems and Control
  • Pharmaceutical Technology; Discovery, Developoment and Production
  • Production and Materials Engineering
  • Sustainable Energy Engineering
  • Water Resources Engineering
  • Wireless Communication

For general inquiries:

Ida Åström
Administrative coordinator for SI
+46 (0) 46 222 37 15

Joakim Malm
Educational facilitator for SI

Become an SI-leader

SI (Supplemental instruction) at LTH is offered in the first courses of a programme, for example in subjects such as mathematics, chemistry or mechanics. During an SI meeting, the students work together in groups to find solutions to issues that have arisen during a lecture. SI-passes are led by an "older" student / SI-leader who themself has taken the course with good results. The SI leader is educated and trained in group dynamics, individual learning styles, study and questioning techniques.

SI sessions last 2 hours and are offered every week during a study period, one or more study periods depending on which programme you attend. It is voluntary to go there and many take the opportunity to improve their knowledge, meet their fellow students or get answers to all the questions you have when starting a new education or course. Information about the time and place for SI sessions can be found in the regular schedule.


Application and appointment of SI leadership positions takes place during the spring semester. To become an SI leader, you must have been recommended by an SI leader / teacher in connection with participating in the SI session yourself. Recommended students will be asked during the beginning of the spring semester if they want to apply to become SI leaders. Applicant students are selected for interview based on completed application and study credentials. After interviews, vacant SI leadership positions are added.

Questions about the application procedure and the appointment can be asked to Ida Åström


Minimum requirements to become an SI leader at LTH

  • Completed the course you are to be an SI leader in
  • Received at least a grade of 3 on the course
  • Is in phase in your studies
  • Been recommended by an SI leader / teacher
  • Good communication and social skills

The SI leaders receive a fee for their work. After completing your service as an SI leader, you will receive a certificate that can be used in the curriculum vitae and in job applications.

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