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Computers on campus

To be able to log in to LTH's student computers, the following is required:

  • your student account
  • your LU card
  • that you are registered as a student in one of LTH's programs, or that you are registered on an individual course as the responsible teacher reported to DDG
  • Login with your LU student ID in the form:  ab3344cd-s

It is not possible to change passwords directly on the computers. If you want to change your password, visit: The account remains active as long as you are a student. After two semesters of inactivity according to Ladok, the student receives a notification that the Student account (LU account) will be closed.

Home directory and shared directories

When you are logged in to a student computer, you have access to these directories, which are all located on a central server and thus accessible from all computers.

  • H: \ Your home directory. Space for your own files. These files are backed up.
  • S: \ "Shared". Here you will find, among other things, the folder "Courses" which contains material for various courses.
  • T: \ "Temporary". Here you will find common folders that all students and teachers can work in at the same time. Please note that all material here is cleaned regularly!

Software on LTH's student computers

All LTH students can log in to all computers, but which software is installed on the computers depends on the teaching conducted in each house.

Free software for students

Computer rooms on Campus Lund

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