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Extracurricular options

LTH International Office often receive different offers targeting our master's students. Below you will find the offers we receive along with links and deadlines if such applies.
Note, the International Office only provides the information. For questions contact the organisers directly. Each offer will be deleted the day after the deadline.

You can also subscribe to the Lund University general Canvas course page “Extracurricular International Opportunities” where you can find a variety of international opportunities targeting both Swedish and International students.

Learn more about Lund University Extracurricular International Opportunities

Offers received by LTH International Office

Hållbart Universitet - Lund Students for Sustainability are looking for new members!

Hållbart Universitet - Lund Students for Sustainability raise awareness on sustainability and environmental issues and organize events, such as talks and workshops. Everyone can do what is of their interest and new ideas or formats are welcome.

You can join as a member here

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Professorial Job Vacancies in Polytechnic Institutes and Universities

Find information on open faculty and research positions in engineering and technology, ranging from senior executive roles through to academic posts and research related positions, in polytechnic universities and research centers worldwide.

Link to the available positions

International Citizen Hub Lund (ICHL)

ICHL arranges events and provide helpful information to international employees and their families during the first years in Sweden. It is also an option to get in touch with other internationals in the area. 

Sign up for their newsletter and find out more here

Interested in start-ups, internships, workshops, networks, competitions or other?

Check the postings on this page on a regular basis!

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