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Rights and guidelines

Student rights can be about student influence, the students' work environment, completion of exams and degree projects and much more. Your rights and responsabilities as a student towards the university and your department are regulated in decisions by the university and in laws and regulations.

Student rights and guidelines (Lund University's website)

Student Complaints

A student who is dissatisfied with something in his/her study situation should firstly contact the person or persons concerned and secondly the responsible Head of Department.

Most complaints can be resolved through conversations between students and the staff closest to the education and do not require further investigation. When complaints are resolved in this way, the complaint is not considered a matter. Student complaints that become matters must be kept in a diary at the University and become a public act.

If the guidelines in the document below are not followed, the student can firstly turn to the responsible lecturer, then secondly to the Director of Studies, Head of Department or equivalent.

For matters that have not been possible to resolve at the departmental level, it is possible to contact LTH's assistant Head of faculty office, for further investigation by the LTH Faculty Management.

A student who believes that the matter has not been handled according to current rules has the right to request a review by the Vice-Chancellor of Lund University.
Students can always contact the relevant student union directly. Read more under section 8 in the List of Rights - Lund University Students' Rights and Responsibilities:

Student rights and guidelines (Lund University's website)

Cheating, plagiarism, disruption and harassment

As a student, you are obliged to follow the laws and rules that apply at Lund University. Cheating and disruptive behaviour are disciplined with a warning or suspension.

Cheating, disruption and harassment (Lund University's website)

Our core values

At LTH we are committed to certain core values:

  • We believe in human dignity and freedom; we are dedicated to protecting all people’s equal rights and strengthening each individual’s self-worth
  • We are committed to gender equality and equal opportunities, and we embrace diversity
  • We believe in meeting each individual with respect and integrity
  • We embrace openness, international cooperation and a critical approach

Our core values are essential to maintain and develop a democratic and sustainable society. These values help us achieve the highest quality, be satisfied on our job, and provide us with the opportunity to excel as academicians and individuals.

General conduct guidelines

LTH is home to students from many different backgrounds, cultures, and religions. To avoid misunderstandings or conflicts arising because of cultural differences, we have written a list of the most important rules that all LTH students must follow.

General Conduct Guidelines (PDF, 316 kB)

Request reconsideration of your grade


As a student, you can sometimes feel at a disadvantage if, for example, you do not agree with the teacher what grade you should have. This can create unease before complaining about the grading. Many students also do not know how such a case is handled. Formally, you can not appeal the grades or the examination forms, but there is a statutory right to have the grading reconsidered. If you question the assessment of a test, you should first turn to the examiner, secondly to the head of department. In some cases, you may need the help of outsiders: the grading ombudsmen.

The task of the grading ombudsmen is not to review or reconsider the grades. This is always the task of the examiner. The ombudsmen should instead give you advice and support in your contact with the department.


You contact the grading ombudsmen directly by email.

Grading ombudsmen at LTH are:

Charlotte Malmgren, senior lecturer,

Guido Zacchi, professor, 

Learning support

As a student at a Swedish University, you have the right to learning support if you need it.

Learning support for students with disabilities

List of rights. Illustration

List of student rights and responsibilities

See the list of student rights and responsabilities on Lund University's website.

How to avoid plagiarism?

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