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Certificates from Ladok

From Ladok you can get officially valid certificates:

  • Certificate of expected study participation, for non-started programmes or courses. However, only after you have been accepted or registered for the programme / courses.
  • Registration certificate: To prove that you are studying.
  • Performance certificate: To prove what you have read. The certificate contains information about admission to programmes, approved study results and possibly. degree

Digital certificates through Ladok for students:

  • Log in to Ladok for students and follow the instructions. You will receive a PDF with a verification code that the recipient can use to verify the certificate.
  • If you have forgotten your username or password, you can visit, or pick them up at LTH's information desk at Studiecentrum (ID required).
  • Through the university's student portal, you can also create a national Ladok certificate, which covers all your university studies in Sweden.

Ladok for students

Physical paper certificate with signature

Paper certificates, stamped and signed by LTH's administrators are issued as follows:

  • Personally: Visit LTH's information desk at Studiecentrum. Usually you can get the certificate right away.
  • Order the certificate via e-mail: or telephone 046-222 72 00. We send the certificate by post to the address where you state that you are - also abroad.
  • The paper certificates include studies at LTH and the rest of Lund University.

After your studies are completed

If you finished your studies at LTH / LU and your student account has been deleted, you can create a login via EduID which allows you to log in to Ladok for students and create a certificate.

EduID's website

Do you have any questions?

Contact LTH's reception: 
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