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Master's students

Students on campus. Photo.

At LTH, a master’s student is considered to be a degree seeking student admitted to a two-year long international master’s programme or to an Erasmus+ international master’s programme. This is not to be confused with an exchange student studying at LTH for a semester or a year on an exchange agreement or if you are a double degree student at one of our 5-year long civil engineering programmes. 

In the left menu, you as a master’s student can find information on how to apply and register for courses, about the degree project, the graduation ceremony and what to do after completing your studies. 

Ladok for students

In Ladok, you can see your results on courses, register as well as print certificates etc. The data is retrieved from Ladok (the student registry). 

Ladok for students


Canvas is the educational platform at Lund University where most courses will be administered. 

Canvas learning platform

Programmes and guilds

Programmes in alphabetical order with guilds in brackets:

  • Architecture (A)
  • Biotechnology (K)
  • Digital Architecture and Emergent Futures (A)
  • Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change Adaptation (V)
  • EIT Master's in Food Systems (K)
  • Embedded Electronics Engineering (E)
  • Energy-Efficient and Environmental Building Design (V)
  • Fire Safety Engineering (V)
  • Food Innovation and Product Design (K)
  • Food Technology and Nutrition (K)
  • Industrial Design (A)
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management (I)
  • Machine Learning, Systems and Control (F)
  • Membrane Engineering for Sustainable Development (W)
  • Nanoscience (F)
  • Pharmaceutical Technology; Discovery, Development and Production (K)
  • Photonics (F)
  • Production and Materials Engineering (M)
  • Sustainable Energy Engineering (M)
  • Sustainable Urban Design (A)
  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (D)
  • Water Resource Engineering (W)
  • Wireless Communication (E)

Schedule and courses

Student life in Lund

Read more about the student life in Lund on Lund University's central webpage

International opportunities

As a current student at Lund University, you have ample opportunities to gain more international experience and intercultural competence, both on campus and abroad.

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