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Lund University Global Scholarship (LUGS) for current master’s students at LTH

Every year, LTH is allocated scholarships intended for fee-paying students within the framework of the Lund University Global Scholarship, LUGS. The main aim of the LUGS scholarships at LTH is to maximise the number of excellent fee-paying students. This means that LTH always strives to award all allocated funding to recently admitted students. We only set aside funds for current students if we have not succeeded in awarding all scholarships to new students.

Application period 2023 closed 31 May. Results will be published in early October and nominees contacted directly.

LUGS for semester 4 

LUGS applications will open to all existing fee-paying students during the spring semester (April/May). 

Scholarships for current students and how to apply (Lund Unviersity's website)

When the LUGS application for current students is open and when the applications are processed, it is not yet settled at LTH whether there will be funding available to award for current students or not, nor how much. Consequently, LTH only awards scholarships for semester 4 and all current fee-paying students will have to pay for the 3rd semester. 

The applicants are ranked according to their academic qualifications:

  • Number of credits in the programme - 60 credits is a minimum requirement
  • Average grade OR a statement from the programme management for programmes with only pass/fail grading - an average grade over 4 is a minimum requirement.
  • Only courses successfully completed during the two first semesters are taken into account. 
  • The cut-off date is one month after the end of the spring semester. Re-takes in August are not taken into account. Cout-off date 2023 is 2023-07-05.

In general, a student with 60 credits and high grades is ranked higher than a student with 75 credits and lower grades.

Students who have already been awarded LUGS can only be nominated for an additional scholarship if their current scholarship amounts to 25% or less. Students who are/have been on approved leave from their studies can apply, but under the same criteria as for other students.

If a student who holds a LUGS scholarship proves to be unsuitable as an awardee, the scholarship may be withdrawn. Reasons for withdrawal can be for example:

  • lack of motivation to study (usually a combination of low attendance and insufficient study results, which cannot be attributed to illness or other mitigating circumstances)
  • disciplinary reports
  • legal offences
  • offensive behaviour

An individual review will be conducted in every such case and any recommendation on withdrawal of a scholarship shall be decided by the management group for first and second cycle programmes (LGGU). The final decision on scholarship withdrawal is taken by the vice-chancellor of LU. Follow-up of study results for scholarship recipients will be done after semesters 1 and 2.

Scholarship opportunity for Spanish students

The purpose of the Swedish – Spanish Foundation is to promote education and studies. You can apply for this scholarship if you are a Spanish university student seeking studies in Sweden or a Swedish university student seeking studies in Spain. Applicants must be Swedish or Spanish citizens, enrolled in university studies, and not older than 29 years of age. 

More information here

Sysav Scholarship (application info in Swedish)

Scholarships are given for papers that are considered most relevant for the Swedish waste handling. Of course, papers on waste prevention and reuse is also welcomed to apply. The total scholarship amounts up to SEK 50,000 and is divided between one or more fellows.

The paper must be at bachelor´s or master´s levels corresponding to at least 15 credits. The paper must be approved at a university or institute in Skåne, or up until the last application date. Your supervisor must know that you are applying for the scholarship.

Application for 2023 is closed, keep track on this page for upcoming Spring application round.

The application form can be downloaded from:

For more information, please contact Magnus Pettersson (

Rotary Scholarship - Trip to India

Malmö City Rotary Club is now offering two scholarships for Jagriti Yatra, a 14-day visit to India with the opportunity to meet and interact with representatives of the Indian industry and commerce community. The visit will take place as a train journey around India together with some 450 Indian students, starting December 24th, 2022 in Mumbay and ending there on January 8th, 2023. Jagriti Yatra is the world’s largest train journey. 

Jagriti Yatra scholarship (

Scholarships at Lund University

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