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Traditions at LTH

LTH has a unique student life with a great number of traditions which continue to be passed on to each new generation of students. Here are some of the activities organized by the student union TLTH.


TLTH and the guilds arrange "nollning" once a year. This is what orientation weeks are called at LTH. The "nollning" is completely voluntary, but we encourage all students to participate so that they can get to know their classmates, make new friends and can start off their studies in a good way.

During the "nollning" we have a lot of different activities, such as sit-sits, pubs, study nights, a sea battle, an obstacles course, parties and much more.

Do you want to know what "nollning" looks like in real life?

Check out the official Nollning movie from 2019 (Youtube) 


Sångarstriden is an annual competition in song and music between the guilds of TLTH. The competition takes place in November every year. It starts with all the guilds performing an optimal four-part choral piece and a self-written drinking song. After this part the competition continues with the free program, which could be described as a mini musical in twelve minutes.


ARKAD is TLTH’s job fair and it's the biggest in southern Sweden. ARKAD is arranged every year in November. This is a fair where students can meet future employers, go to interesting lectures, or even get a summer job or a degree project

F1 Röj

F1 Röj is a competition arranged by TLTH in full-scale minesweeper, which is held in the autumn semester. The competition takes place on a 25 square meter floor with 100 fields. 2 people from 2 teams compete to find the most mines. The first teams to find half of the mines or the teams who have found the most mines when the time is up wins. About half of the competing teams are from other universities in Sweden.


One of TLTH's oldest traditions is the “Trulsstöt”, which started in 1962. It’s a 28 hour long bus trip, on which you travel around Skåne and look for the fountain of youth. While chasing the fountain, you visit various exciting places. To “win” the “Trulsstöt” you have to stay awake for the entire trip and drink a beverage every hour. 


There is almost always a pub happening somewhere on campus LTH. The guilds arrange their own pubs sometimes and TLTH also has a pub called Pub Tiny. The pubs offer a large variety of food and beverages and are usually open during study weeks from 17 pm.

Sittning and formals

"Sittning" is a dinner where you sing a lot of songs, and it’s a typical Swedish student tradition. There are a lot of these dinners in Lund, arranged by both guilds, TLTH, nations and even individual students. Sittningar are a nice place to meet and talk with new people.

TLTH arranges two formals a year; the New Year’s formal and the Cornelius formal. Besides from these to formals, a lot of nations, guilds and other unions arrange their own formals. It’s basically the same thing as a sittningar, except for the fact that people are wearing white tie and the food is fancier.

Traditions at Lund University

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